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Custom A/C Cages and Welding

Theft of the copper used in air conditioning units is on the rise.

Thieves sell the metal from your air conditioner for its scrap value (which has more than doubled over the past several years).

Protect your air conditioning unit with one of our air conditioner security cages.

We build custom Air Conditioning Cages to your specifications.   Your Air Conditioner Cage can be any type, size and color you want.  We can build what you need to protect your Air Conditioner.

Air Conditioner Cage Specifications

  • Welded 14 gauge 1" Steel Tubing
  • Access Door for Servicing
  • Types of Air Conditioner Cages:
    • In Ground
    • On Concrete
    • Anchored
  • Paint:  Sprayed on Oil Based Rust Kill
  • Color:  Black
Our Products

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Cages

  • Residential Air Conditioning Cages

Options for Air Conditioning Cages
  • Size
  • Number of Access Doors
  • Colors

Photo of Air Conditioner Security CagePhotos showing access doors open and remove from Air Conditioner Security Cages

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